Mouawad, Hand-Crafting Customer Experiences

Changi Consulting helps century old luxury jewelry designer gain flawless clarity into their customer journey with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Mouawad is a privately held luxury goods company that makes fashion accessories, jewelry, and retail
company that sources diamonds and gemstones, designs, manufacturers, and sells jewelry
collections, objects of art, and luxury watches.

In order to maintain its supreme level of customer service across its global showrooms, Mouawad
needed a tool to unify its customer data and make it visible to all of its outlets.



Challenges Solved:

  • Lack of centralized data storage and management
  • Lack of visibility into customer profiles across global branches
  • No unified customer experience and service processes across the brand
  • Limited visibility into customer sales history
  • Reservations about how a CRM would integrate and change their current database
  • and more...


Download the case study to read all the details of Mouawad's success story with Changi's custom Salesforce CRM implementation!

“Changi was there every moment we needed them, even during the latest nights. They stood there and held the door for us. We have immense respect towards Changi and how professional the integration was.”

- Mitto Philip, Group Information Technology Manager, Mouawad